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User Information
Main AccountBig Samus
Also Known AsCharles Edward Abel, BS
Known AltsWafflesYum, Half_Baked_Idea

Big Samus (1989 – September 2, 2009) was a well-respected CEman. He was a friend of Kassieplx and darkprince45.

Cancer Battle

Big Samus was virtually unknown about, but one thing that made him well-known was that he had cancer. People started paying more attention to his posts, and he became very respected. He had posted regular updates on his cancer, including proof to anybody who didn't believe it.

As his cancer got worse, he began posting less and less. His final topic on CE was on August 23, 2009 saying he was not expected to live much longer.

"My cancer has spread to my liver, and enlarged it to huge proportions. Basically pushing my stomach and intestines out of their usual hangouts. This has the effect of cutting down how much I can physically eat. Plus, my stomach is really distended, it's uncomfortable Still, no freaking date, but this one is a holy-balls-you-lived-a-year-after kinda of diagnose. I'm hoping for Christmas, for family reasons."

Sadly, Big Samus passed away on after losing his battle on September 2nd, 2009, and his account was then closed.

Big Samus is greatly missed by all.

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